Monday, 24 September 2012

Colour Pop Lips

For the last few months I've been looking for a particular shade of bright pink lipstick that was sort of a mix between pink, red and coral... I thought it would be easy but it has been a bit of a mission.
Interestingly enough the colour I wanted was a colour I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing in an advert for the latest season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Google proved unhelpful when I tried to find out what colour she had on so in the end I had to do my own detective work to try and match it.
I think I have succeeded! MAC came to the rescue with their Amplified Creme Lipstick in Impassioned.
It's not quite as coraly as I wanted but it suits my skin tone perfectly!
Before I apply the lipstick I use the MAC Lip Prep+Prime followed by their Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in In Anticipation before applying 2 coats of the lipstick.
It's a hot, bold colour that really pops and when paired with a primer and a lip pencil the staying power is fantastic! Seriously strong staying power... I put it on after lunch, worked all afternoon, went to an event in the evening and then went out for dinner and when I got home... still perfectly in place.
All in all, very impressed with my new addition to add to my collection.
Amplified Lipstick in Impassioned, Pro Longwear Lip Liner in In Anticipation and Lip Prep+Prime
The final result

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